They say it takes a village to raise a child. They say helicopter and free-range parenting are opposing styles. They say in order to have the necessary energy for raising a child, you must first take care of yourself. While we are not experts in the above, most parents would agree they need a time out every so often.

What is a parenting break? A 3-day Mexican getaway or a month in Europe? If you’re lucky, either of these would be amazing. If you’re on a budget, like most of us, this could also mean getting a babysitter, or taking turns with your partner. While one of you goes to the gym or spa for some rejuvenation, the other gets to spend one-on-one (or two) time and bond in their own way. A break could simply be going out with the kids, so life isn’t always happening at home, which in itself can be stressful if kids are bored.

There are many benefits to taking parenting breaks. Your stress level can go down, giving you more energy and patience with your little ones when you are together. After some much-needed rest, the time you spend with your kids will be quality time, and you can really focus on what is important and connect with your family. By taking care of yourself, you are a better parent. You are an example of the importance of self-care by showing kids how much better family life is because of a little R and R.
Whether you are a stay at home parent or work outside the home, many of you will concur that parenting can be tiring. Babysitting can be expensive for a night out, and if you don’t have family around who are desperate to entertain your darlings for free, what do you do?

Take a break with your kids! At Monkey Bizness, you can take that break because the kids entertain themselves. Whether you play with your kids or sit on the bench or at our café with other parents, your kids can climb, slide and swing in a fun, safe and clean environment within sight and ear-shot of you. If you choose to sit one out, you can relax in our upcoming “Howler Café” with a cup of specially–brewed coffee. Now with more snack options, you and the kids can also grab a small bite together, and then let them loose on the play floor again!

Sit back. Relax. Recharge. Take a break at Monkey Bizness!